A day rattling a bucket at Stamford Bridge…

A day rattling a bucket at Stamford Bridge…

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It has been a while since our last post – incredibly busy time since Christmas but all positive!

I received an email from Help For Heroes a couple of weeks ago asking if I would be available to assist with a bucket collection at Chelsea Football Club. It was going to be outside Stamford Bridge on Saturday 25 February, a couple of hours before the match with Swansea City. I jumped at the chance! I said to Jessica that I would love to give it a go as I have never done anything like it before. So I replied back to say “Yes please!”

Leading up to match day, I was getting quite excited. But on Tuesday 21 February, I severely twisted my ankle and ended up taking a trip to the local hospital Urgent Care unit. I thought what brilliant luck?! I have a sprained ankle and need crutches to get around so how am I going to be able to stand outside Chelsea Football Club with a collection bucket! But after a follow up with the fracture clinic and physio, I walked away Friday evening being told that I could place a little pressure on the ankle but still use my crutches for stabilisation. Phew!

On the Saturday, I had a great morning with my clients at UP Mayfair gym before slowly making the trek across to Chelsea. When I arrived, I came across a volunteer called James Burns and he was a complete gent. I met the remainder of the H4H team and we then started to rattle the buckets as the huge crowds of fans came walking past. My first thought was ‘what do I do’; shout like a market vendor – “Any donations please for H4H!”? Then I thought ‘No’, what I am going to do is stand there and grin. I started by looking the fans in the eye as they walked past and when I met someone’s gaze, I chucked a cheeky smile, at which point they then began to wandering over and proceeded to drop some coins in the bucket. It was great. As the day went on, I found some fans who chose to have a brief discussion but others stood next to me and started to natter. Some really interesting conversations and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. We continued with our buckets for a couple of hours before packing up just before the game started.

The H4H team thanked us volunteers and said well done. My bucket was almost full with coins; I was so happy. But I must admit having crutches probably made a difference 🙂