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We left it slightly late when deciding to attend the Remembrance Sunday Services this year at the Cenotaph Memorial, Westminster so we expected queues. Neither Glenn nor I had ever been to the Remembrance services before so arriving at Westminster tube, we were overwhelmed by the amount of people making their way along to Parliament Square towards the Cenotaph.

Standing in the long queue under the Elizabeth Tower, we realised that we weren’t going to get through security before 11am. But it didn’t matter; as Big Ben chimed the hour, such calmness and stillness fell over the huge crowds, tourists, and policemen around us that we sensed exactly what each and every one of us were there for – shared remembrance. It struck me just how strong shared experiences can be in bringing people together.


Help for Heroes Remembrance 2016 Tweet
Help for Heroes Remembrance 2016 Tweet


Since signing up for the Everest Trek, we have been sharing our stories and latest fundraising efforts with the H4H Trek Mount Everest Facebook group, whose members are all those taking part in the trek next year. We have never met these other people we now call our team mates but we each have a shared goal; a shared experience which starts long before we all set off for Nepal next year. This mutual interest and experience is exactly what Glenn and I felt on Sunday morning, with the random strangers, standing tall and silent around us, in remembrance for our fallen heroes.

Crowds were huge so it was difficult to find a good spot to view the parade, but it didn’t matter; it was amazing to see so many people out in force, to support our service men and women, both past and present. Seeing London come to a standstill was incredible, and a privilege that, being Londoners, we can repeat every year.

So, on our journey back home, I mentioned to Glenn that we should definitely arrive much, much earlier next year, to which he replied “We’ll be in Nepal, just about to start our climb this time next year…” !!

Under a year to go… 🙂


Jess xx